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  • Special Education

    • Most recent IFSP, IEP or Section 504 plan
    • Evaluations (e.g. Learning/Educational evaluation; Psychological evaluation; Psychiatric evaluation; Speech and Language evaluation; Social history; Occupational and/or Physical Therapy evaluation; Neuropsychological evaluation)
    • Incident reports
    • Report cards
    • Relevant correspondence to/from school
  • Higher Education/Accommodations on Standardized Tests

    • Medical reports and/or educational evaluations documenting you or your child's disability
    • Documents that demonstrate history of receiving accommodations (IEPs and Section 504 Plans)
  • Division of Developmental Disabilities ("DDD")

    • Copy of Individualized Habilitation Plan ("IHP") if you have one
  • Guardianship

    • Social Security Numbers
    • Most recent IEP from district
    • Most recent psychological and/or educational evaluation from district
    • Addresses for proposed guardians
    • Contact information for 2 doctors who will support your Guardianship application
  • Estate Plan (Wills, Special Needs Trust, Power of Attorney, Medical Directives)

    • Social Security Numbers
    • Retirement Savings Information (balance and beneficiaries of 401(k), 403(b) and IRAs)
    • Balance and Beneficiaries of life insurance policies
    • Approximate value of home(s) and balance of mortgage(s)
    • Location of safety deposit box and list of contents in safety deposit box
    • Value of business interest
    • Approximate value of expected inheritance

**Remember: If you do not have any of this information, don't fret! You can always provide it later.**

Freeman Law Offices, LLC - New Jersey & Pennsylvania Special Needs Attorney
Freeman Law Offices, LLC - New Jersey Special Needs Attorney
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