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"We are parents of a 21 years old autistic young man. He was classified as a student with multiple communication related handicaps and hyperactivity. Our son could read, write, perform mathematical operations and use Microsoft programs such as Word, Excel, and Paint. At school he was placed in a self-contained class room meant for Special Education. The placement was no more than a daycare arrangement. Our son struggled throughout his school years. The numerous IEP meetings with school staff achieved very little. The commitments made in the IEP were not followed through. The School district was unwilling to provide an academic program which could enhance his capabilities and make him more functional and employable.

We were only 1 ½ years away after which the School District's commitment to provide services to make our son "employable" would be over. We were running short of time. We made several requests and met with the school officials to obtain employment related training. But to no avail. At this point, we had no option but to go through "due process."

We contacted Attorney Hillary Freeman to help us through this process. Hillary met with us several times to prepare our representation. She attended several meetings with the officials from School District and pursued NJ State legal process.

At the end of the process Hillary worked out a credible and enforceable agreement with the School District to provide our son a job based training program. The training program continued for rest of his time in High School. The job specific technical and interpersonal skills acquired through this program have helped our son to secure a gainful employment. His assignment calls for filing records which relies on his exceptional ability to deal with numerals and recognize patterns. The job opportunity allows him to show case his abilities and make a positive contribution to the society he lives in.

We are extremely thankful that we were able to find Attorney Hillary Freeman to represent our son. Without her help, commitment and patience, our son would not have found an outlet to showcase his talents and creativity and feel valued and useful every day.

In our opinion Ms. Freeman is a dedicated attorney who uses her vast, in-depth knowledge of law to help children become a contributing part of society rather remain isolated permanently. Further, it cannot be emphasized enough that children such as our son, despite having talents, have no other option than to rely on initiatives, efforts and commitment of a legal professional such as Attorney Hillary Freeman to get their rightful place in society." - Client

"I have used many attorneys in my life and never have I wanted to refer someone more than Jodi Bouer and her staff. The bottom line is they are a pleasure to deal with, no nonsense, use junior people for legwork to save you money, and have won my family more money than you could imagine from Insurance companies that turned us down multiple times.

This money was our right to reclaim but extremely difficult and Jodi Bouer speaks the right language and does everything the right way, ethically, and with a smile.

I have used Jodi for approximately two years and will never take her off the payroll as long as we need special services!

"...Ms. Freeman counseled, educated, and most of all supported our family during this difficult time. Her work is very precise and professional with wonderful results." - Client

"I called Jodi after having lots of problems with our insurance company not paying our special needs son's reimbursement claims. They were doing an audit and taking a long time and not giving us answers we needed. Jodi helped us out and got the ball rolling and resolved the issues. Without her help I have no idea what would've happened or how long it would take to resolve on its own. I definitely recommend Jodi."

"Hillary made a very difficult time in the life of our family much easier and brought about the best outcome for us. Her expertise in navigating our families through the forest of special needs law is only surpassed by her compassion for what we face on our journey to help our children in any way we are able. I'm convinced our son would not be doing as well as he is now were it not for Hillary's help." – Client

To say that Hillary Freeman has helped my daughter and family is a severe understatement. Four years ago, my husband and I sought legal counsel to help obtain an appropriate education for our daughter who has autism. As public educators ourselves, we never thought we'd find ourselves in a position where we needed our daughter to be in a private special education placement. We were up against an extremely adversarial situation with our public school system - this was one of our darkest times of our lives.

Hillary not only obtained an appropriate private placement for our daughter but also a behavioral home program and much needed assistive technology. Through this very difficult time, Hillary was kind and professional and very easy to communicate with. She compassionately walked us through every step of the way. Having a brother with autism herself; Hillary understands the heartache parents of children with special needs must endure and we believe it is this understanding that makes her the passionate and successful attorney she is. We still joke with her that she is now stuck with us "for life". To know that she will be able to help us through any other challenges that may arise with our daughter's education and beyond is very reassuring. Thank you Hillary, for all you done for us!! - Client

Jodi took on a difficult assignment: obtaining a settlement related to a 5-year old brick chimney that had been seriously damaged. What made this difficult was that determining the cause—builder error, or wind/weather conditions, even with an engineer involved—was problematic. With solid judgment, very good advice to us, and great tenacity with the insurance companies (ours and the builder's), Jodi was able to achieve a very satisfactory outcome. Throughout she demonstrated insight into the workings of insurance companies, the applicable law and insurance contract parsing. I highly recommend Jodi for any help related to any insurance company matters.

My son Brandon is 21 and diagnosed with classic autism. At 18 his self-injurious behavior became life threatening. As a result he was hospitalized and placed in 4-pt restraints before his eventual placement in a state developmental center.

Hillary Freeman was instrumental in both securing appropriate services while he was in the center and in his transition back to the community. To my knowledge, Brandon is the only resident in a NJ State Developmental Center to receive 30 hours a week of intense behavioral intervention from an external consultant widely acknowledged for her superior ABA skills and experience. Brandon also received one on one support from the developmental center staff. The center put together a dedicated team of caregivers who were then behaviorally trained. As a result of this support, Brandon's behavior was stabilized allowing him to be transitioned to the community.

As a parent and National and International advocate for individuals with autism I have had the opportunity to work with many talented parents and other professionals. Hillary Freeman is a talented and highly effective attorney and in addition to her legal expertise she really understands the challenges that face families in their efforts to secure appropriate supports and services for their children. I believe Hillary's ability to empathize with families is due in part to who she is, a tireless and passionate legal advocate, but also to her love and commitment to her adult brother who is living with autism. Hillary continues to be a constant source of love and energy for her brother and her family.

I believe that the challenges facing families can only be addressed by a team of parents and other professionals who work together on behalf of children, adolescents and adults living with autism. I am extremely grateful that Hillary is part of Brandon's team and highly recommend her to other families who are advocating for the support that will allow their children to have full and meaningful lives.

Cyndy Hayes

Parent – Advocate


Reaching Potentials

Global Communities of Support

Advancing Futures for Adults with Autism (AFAA)

Aging with Autism

As Director of Program Development for POAC Autism Services and the mother of a 19 year old young man with autism, I want to express my appreciation to Hillary Freeman for the many workshops she has provided for POAC over the years. Hillary's significant expertise on educational and legal matters is enhanced by her own personal involvement with a family member on the autism spectrum. As a result, her presentations are always relevant and full of practical information and advice. So many parents and professionals come to these workshops with problems that can seem overwhelming. They leave, not only with useful information, but also with a sense of direction on how to move forward in their particular journey with their child or student.

Hillary's workshops have always been provided free of charge, which is so important for POAC as a nonprofit organization. Additionally, she has been able to tailor topics to meet the specific needs of our organization and those we serve. Her presentation style is enhanced by her compassion and sharp wit and she is truly an asset to the autism community.

Simone Tellini
Director of Program Development at POAC Autism Services

I have collaborated with Hillary Freeman numerous times in my role as an independent educational consultant. I am so impressed with Hillary's intelligence, insight and intuition that I recently hired her to represent me in a professional matter. Hillary did not disappoint! I found her to be as caring and sensitive as she was informed and articulate. Hillary was artful in her legal finesse, and her work on my behalf was wholly effective. I need look no further for a special education attorney.

--Nancy V. Greene, M.S.

Licensed Psychologist

Certified Educational Planner

Creative Educational Options, LLC

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